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Freelance Retreat Chef and Reiki Master

Elemental Yoga

Address: Carer de Can Rétate, 10, 07340, Alaró, Iles Balears
Hatha Yoga overlaid with knowledge of the 5-elements to bring harmony within the body/mind constitution by strengthening and stretching the correlating elemental meridians.

Pelvic Health Yoga

Address: Puig de Sa Comuna 3, Alaró
These sessions use gentle embodiment practices and yoga to nourish the pelvic landscape, leading to a more integrated and vibrant way of living.

Guide and mechanic

Bicycle enthusiast, psychology student, and skilled mechanic passionate about guiding and maintaining bikes for a personalized and memorable cycling experience.

Holistic Coaching

Holistic Coaching (all separately bookable as well) through Movement (Personal Training), Psychosomatic Therapy, Relaxation (Breathwork, Meditation/ PM/AT..), Massages and Energy work (Reiki)

Internship MallorcaWorks

Address: C/Mateu obrador 7 bajos
Internship Mallorcaworks, hosting organisation, specialist in VET students in Mallorca, we organise mobilities, accomodation and transport as well as cultural activities. We're highly experienced in the Erasmus+ programme, as well as in training activities and internship organisation. We are also accredited as a job intermediation agency and we provide different kind of services as host organisation to organise a great internship in local companies, school and job-shadowing visits, and teacher training courses in different languages with professional trainers.

Embodiment Coaching

Discover a transformative journey that merges the realms of body and mind, offering you a comprehensive path to self-awareness, healing and empowerment. Step into a space where deep-seated patterns are acknowledged and transformed.

Holosomatic BODY Therapy®

Price: €90
A trauma-informed, holistic & body-centered session, which aids in re-establishing the body-mind connection while releasing stress & tension and reducing anxiety, depression & PTSD symptoms through conscious connected breathing, movement, sound, voice & touch. During a session you pendulate between activation and resting so your body and mind learn again that it is safe to be in the body. Any unprocessed high-intense or traumatic experiences from the past are being processed so that they can finally be integrated as a happening from the past and you can actually live safely in the here and now.


Address: Palma de Mallorca - online
10 years helping others to conect with their emotions and personal resources to grow and feel better.

Sauna y Sopa

Address: Alaro area
Price: €20
A place to find peace, relaxation, healing, and connection with nature and people.
Functional Breathing and Breathwork as a mind-body-spirit practice, applying yoga, freediving & breathwork techniques in my teachings to assist in the overall development of breathing function, overall health and wellness.

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