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Mallorca is known for its skilled photographers, catering to various occasions like weddings, babymoons, and couple shoots. With its stunning landscapes and picturesque settings, the island provides the perfect backdrop for capturing magical moments. Whether it’s the golden beaches, rugged cliffs, or charming villages, Mallorca offers a diverse range of settings for photography sessions. Couples and families flock to Mallorca to immortalize their special moments against its captivating scenery. The island’s natural beauty truly enhances the magic of any photo shoot.

We understand the challenge of finding a photographer who aligns with your vision and style. That’s why we’ve developed a directory to simplify your search process. Our directory streamlines the process, making it easier for you to discover the perfect photographer for your needs.

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Kornelia @korneliakruczek_photo

As a wedding photographer, I believe capturing your special moments goes beyond taking beautiful pictures; it’s about creating a peaceful and enjoyable atmosphere for you and your loved ones. With a genuine desire to be your trusted companion, I strive to establish a bond, ensuring that your wedding day is not only visually stunning but also an experience filled with joy and tranquility.


Farideh Diehl @faridehfotografie

mindful people photography /frankfurt & mallorca/spain


Lucas Ottone @lucasottone

Portrait and commercial photographer specialised in people, lifestyle, wellness and retreats: www.lucasottone.com


Your Mallorca Photographer @yourmallorcaphotographer

Your Mallorca Photographer – Capturing golden memories in Mallorca: family joy, love stories and holiday bliss.

Type: Family photos, Couple photos, Individual portraits


Adele Chretien @byadelephotography

Adele is a Multi Passionate Creative Entrepreneur, she helps women feel confident, be more visible online and level up in their business through Personal Branding Photography that tells their story. 

Type: Personal Branding, Lifestyle Products, Business


Marta Lara @capture_the_moment_mallorca

Whether you’re looking for an engagement or wedding shoot, event reportage or simply a portrait session, I have you covered. Another, different speciality is the film photography. I also do business-portrait photoshoots of the business owner and/or the product. Contact me for more details and pricing. I speak English, Polish, Spanish, Russian and German, and Catalan fluently, so we will find a common language for sure 😉.

Type: Film Photography, Business Photoshoots


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