Holosomatic BODY Therapy®

We all have “negative emotions” – or energy – stored in our body on a cellular level which affect our day to day when relating to others and making decisions, no matter if you remember the origin of these emotions or not. Especially people suffering from anxiety, depression, insecure attachment styles and PTSD know of these effects. There is nothing wrong with this, but you do not have to live with it.

This is where Holosomatic BODY Therapy® comes into play. Through conscious connected breathing and a series of bodywork and somatic techniques, which include movement, sound, voice & touch, these emotions are finally released in a conscious and powerful way. The client is in control at all times and will notice a decrease in intensity of their symptoms and feels safe again in their body and in the present moment.

Holosomatic BODY Therapy® Holosomatic BODY Therapy®

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