FloreSer – Presence · Concious breath · Body awareness

Hi curious soul,

Does it happen to you that despite of been on the personal development path for some time, on a daily basis you feel disconnected from your body and your being? Do you easily get lost in mental loops? Is it difficult for you to feel connected to inner peace?

For some time I felt that! and that’s why I embarked on the journey of presence, the most simple, accessible and transformative I have experienced so far.

My name is Inma Ortiz and it’ll be an honor to acompany you to remember all of the wisdom and power that resides within. We do it through councious breathing and body awareness, the intention of my guidance is to awake your inner master to supports you through the more mundane and the more challenging times of life.

If you are curious about what we can do together, I’d love to connect with you through an in-person or phone conversation; spanish or english.

A warm hug, Inma.

FloreSer - Presence · Concious breath · Body awareness


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