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Deep Connection for Couples

February 18 @ 10:00 - 17:00

Explore Love and Intimacy: Couples Workshop

Welcome to the Couples Workshop, an inclusive experience set in a sacred and protected space—an oasis of connection and discovery. I’m thrilled to invite all couples, irrespective of gender, to embark on a journey of exploration and growth together.

The Journey into Love and Deep Connection

In this workshop, we’ll delve into the profound connection between partners. Through Active Meditations, Guided Meditations, Practices, and Rituals, we’ll explore crucial aspects of the relationship such as trust, respect, harmony, communication skills, understanding, clarity, and openness. The intention is to co-create a harmonious space where couples can thrive, benefiting from the precious support of spiritual connection while maintaining a complete awareness of self and partner.

The Art of Being a Couple: A Day-by-Day Project

Being a couple is an ongoing project, a daily commitment, and simultaneously, a unique adventure. With the aid of targeted meditative techniques, we’ll provide a unique resource to address daily challenges, strengthen the bond between partners, and allow the flower of love to fully bloom. This workshop not only offers insights to enhance the relationship but becomes an opportunity for personal and collective growth.

A Resource for Personal Growth

The workshop is open to all couples eager to deepen and improve their relationship. We recognize the relationship as a fundamental potential for personal growth, a fertile ground for the personal adventure of loving and being loved. Here, in this space dedicated to Love, you can explore new dimensions of your connection and increase self-awareness and awareness of your partner.

As Osho stated, “Meditation is the threshold that opens us to our ability to love, to intimacy, to creativity, and to the expansion of our being.” Our meditative practice will be guided by this wisdom, opening new doors in your relationship.

Meditative Techniques and Shared Well-being

We’ll employ a variety of meditative, breathing, and vibrational techniques designed to nurture the connection between couples. I emphasize that no nudity is involved in the group setting, creating a comfortable and safe environment for every couple.

I invite you to join this special journey, where together we can build a stronger, more aware, and fulfilling relationship. An opportunity to discover the art of being a couple, growing together through love and awareness. I’m ready to welcome you in this safe space where Love and Intimacy can fully blossom. Join me in this unique and transformative experience.

When: February 18th, 10.00-17.00

Where: Dima Mallorca (Between Sineu and Sant Joan)

How much: 150€ (per couple, lunch included)


February 18
10:00 - 17:00
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