Playfight & Cuddle Puddle

Join us for a unique event to connect with your inner child, fill your heart with love and enjoy a fun evening full of conscious connections. 😀 🗓️ When? Friday […]

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Mallorca Family Fest

Join our 3 day festival experience designed for the conscious family with a twist. This is an experience designed to foster togetherness and inclusion. Breatharians and carnivores are equally welcome. Relax […]

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Private Anti Stress Mini-Retreat

🌿 Treat yourself to a private and bespoke mini-retreat where the focus is on learning stress-relieving techniques. A unique blend of breathwork, yoga, meditation and coaching. For Mallorca visitors and […]

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FEEL THE REAL (by Wake Up Dance)

🇪🇸 FEEL THE REAL: SÁBADO 27 ABRIL Feel the Real surge como antídoto a este acelerado mundo de relaciones digitales. Fomentaremos la conexión con tu propia esencia y la de […]

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Journey Into Your Heart

In our society, the mind is the driving force behind most – if not all – our decisions. However, the heart is a source of deep, innate wisdom, and it […]

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